CounterThink with Mike Adams: Full-on censorship is now under way

Whatever your views on Alex Jones are, he has the right to say what he wants to say. If you don’t agree with his points, that’s your right. You, too, are free to speak your mind – even if it is to disagree with Jones.

This is our right. This is our freedom as Americans.

But not anymore.

The radical Left is changing the narrative. They are blatantly attempting to create a society wherein anyone who opposes their views are “bigots” engaged in “hate speech.”

As explained by Health Ranger Mike Adams in the latest CounterThink episode, “[The radical Left] hates you, so [you’re engaging in] hate speech. But they are immune.”

Adams is referring to a series of attacks led by the New York Times and other popular media outlets to silence Alex Jones and those around him.

“This is what I call “journo-terrorism” which is the terrorist-style tactics of the New York Times and other mainstream outlets that are now threatening people like me to turn on Alex Jones and to expose or fabricate some dirt on [him] so that they can have a bombshell story and continue their censorship, oppression regime,” explains Adams.

It is clear to anyone who has kept their eyes open. Alex Jones has become the poster boy of the “unhinged conservative” and the Left is doing everything it can to make everyone believe the same thing. Not only are they downright lying about Jones, they are offering monetary rewards for his friends to turn on him, too. (Adams mentions that he was offered $50,000 to denounce Jones last year.)

The heavy-handed strategy to silence Jones reveals an even more sinister motivation: victim-blaming.

Alex Jones is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and he has consistently stated that firearms should be used by citizens to defend themselves. However, his words are now being used by the extreme Left as “hate speech.” Jones has been reported as having suggested that people take their firearms to shoot people and attack Democrats in a supposedly dangerous tweet wherein Jones urged his viewers to ready their “battle rifles against the media.”

A complete lie, of course, as Jones never said this and his words were taken entirely out of context. (Related: The internet DARK AGES descends upon us: Facebook, Google, Spotify, Twitter all conspire to “outlaw” conservative speech with no due process.)

Still, the damage has been done. In most people’s minds, Jones is the crazy conspiracy theorist.

Adams explains that the Left is building their case up to create a false flag attack against Jones. Something will happen, some form of staged violence against the Left, and Jones will be blamed as the mastermind of it all. His words (out of context) and his actions (poorly edited on television) magically made a person or group lose their marbles and turn into Rambo.

You can watch the full episode below:

The real hatred is coming from the radical Left. They are the ones who refuse to open their ears and hearts – yet they brazenly claim to be inclusive and loving.

Sure, loving to those who love them back.

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